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Gallery Designs


Below are some examples of work made for Dianne's gallery, or commissions undertaken for some of her customers. Please browse at your leisure and if any of the pieces inspire you, please feel free to contact her to discuss possibilities and prices. dianne_fox@yahoo.com

The opalescent textured wood and papier mache wall panels & mirrors have an elemental touch. Visitors to the gallery have commented that they are reminded of the forces of nature: a lava flow for example or wind blown clouds. Some have tiny shells embedded into the mache - the choice is yours. The paint used in these contain mica particles which create a subtle shimmering effect when viewed from different angles. In the wall panels shown, the centre  panels are approximately 1metre long and the circular mirrors about 50cm across but they can be made in any size (and in any number or combinations) and in the following colours. Pink, Green, Purple, Gold, Copper, Blue & Silver. Prices start from about 80.00 for one of the panels and 90.00 for the mirrors but please get in touch for more details and information  dianne_fox@yahoo.com

Jazzy Chicken Bowl.

Here are examples of Dianne's wilder creations! The bowl is made from papier mache pulp and this example measured approx. 18" across. Surprisingly sturdy as there is  a strong p.v.a. glue in the mix which adds strength to the piece which is decorated with acrylic paints & coloured foils before being coated with layers of gloss varnish. The front of the piece is smooth contrasting with the irregularity of the back.

The Jazzy mirrors are wooden with a foil collage and the mirror with polished edges is glued to the surface.

Jazzy Coloured Mirror

Jazzy Paper Mache Bowl with Foil collage.

Jazzy Foil Mirror